72 - A Gathering of Champions

As proud Munich can be for their, ahead of time, visionary and sustainable '72 Olympic Games, we were excited to have been part of this great project.

Fifty years after their Olympic victories in Munich, Heide Rosendahl, Kipchoge Keino, Lasse Virén, Dave Wottle, Mark Spitz, Olga Korbut, Shaul Ladany, Valeriy Borzov, Ljudmila Tourischeva, Lady Mary Peters and Karin Büttner-Janz make an emotional return to the scene where they made sports history.

What an unique opportunity it was for us, to meet these charming, outstanding personalities at the historic locations. It was great having you and your families here in Munich and hopefully, we could make your revisit in Munich memorable again!

Thank you to our friends at Hock Films in association with HatCreek Films and Select Films and their multi-times Emmy award winner Jonathan Hock, who directed this touching, storytelling documentary series for the IOC.

Watch the full series.