Better Late Than Never

During summer First Frame facilitated the production of two episodes of NBC's hit series "Better Late Than Never" in Germany - produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio in association with Storyline Entertainment.

This second season, the four living legends Henry Winkler, William Shatner, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and their sidekick, comedian Jeff Dye, having the time of their lives and ticking off their bucket lists on an epic journey across Europe.

We filmed the season opening episode in Munich, where they wear Lederhosen and party at a beerfest, have a nude picnic in the English Garden and recreate their own "Julie Andrews - The Hills Are Alive" moment from the iconic scene in "The Sound of Music".

As if that wasn’t enough, we also shot a Berlin episode with moving and heartfelt moments in which Mr. Winkler reconnects with his pasts, by retracing the path of family members in the city. The boys also leave their mark on the historic Berlin Wall, learn to dance the Waltz, sing with the Berlin Comedian Harmonists and meet the special guest stars, David Hasselhoff and Al Roker.

BLTN in Berlin, Germany